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Information and advice

The first steps are always the hardest, as a popular German saying goes! It may not be easy to get a foothold in a foreign country. Everything is feeling new, foreign, unfamiliar. The language sounds differently, and you cannot communicate. Starting all over in Germany shall be made as simple as possible for you. In the county of Schleswig-Flensburg there are different advice services available, that could be helpful to you. Be it, even by answering your many questions, also spoken in a different language.

Immigration Welfare Advice Service for grown-up immigrants (MBSH)

The Immigration Welfare Advice Service (MBSH) aims at grown-up immigrants, who from day one in Germany need advice and support.

You can consult with one of the migration advisors if you have any questions concerning the following topics:

  • the daily life in Germany
  • my rights
  • foreigners law, asylum procedure and residence
  • learning German
  • searching for a home and moving
  • heath
  • apprenticeship, occupation, professional development
  • others

Come to the offered advice hours or make an appointment.

Immigration Advice Service for grown-up immigrants (MBE)

Immigration Advice Service for grown-up immigrants aims at people with a migratory background who have not been in Germany for more than three years or are in a difficult situation. It is the goal to enable people seeking advice, so that they can participate in the social life on an equal footing.

Advice is given to a multitude of everyday questions, among other topics about: language courses, housing, work, health, childcare/school, as well as simple legal questions, are concerned. 

Additional information can be obtained by reading the flyer.

Youth migration advice service for young people with migratory Background

You are a pupil or youth and have come to Germany only recently. You want to get advice about schools, apprenticeships, occupations, language, spare time, culture, upbringing, childhood and adolescence. Until the age of 27, migrated young adults and youths are being offered advising by the Youth Migration Service within the county of Schleswig-Flensburg

Service for citizens provided by Federal Office of Migrations and Refugees

In case you have any further questions, you can contact the Federal Office of Migrations and Refugees.

You can reach the citizen service by using the following phone number: +49 911 943-0. Another possibility would be using the contact form, available under the following link:
https://www.bamf.de/DE/Service/ServiceCenter/Buergerservice/buergerservice-node.html from Mondays to Fridays between 9 am and until 3 pm.

Inquiries by phone or via mail are accepted in German and English.

There are two federal support possibilities in case of legal dispute for citizens with a low income. They consist out of legal advice and in case necessary, getting legal representation.

On the one hand, there is the possibility of a counselling and representation in general, in a so called „out of court procedure“ (consulting assistance). On the other hand the personal accompaniment and representation within legal proceedings is at your avail. So called „legal aid“ may be made use from as well.

Counselling aid

Counselling aid is offered by consultants or advisors (lawyers as well as tax advisors and auditors. If retirement issues are concerned, there are also pension consultants). On short notice you can also contact a consultant of your choice, with a request for advice.

You are also being granted counselling aid by the district court. It issues an immediate disclosure as far as your concern can be complied with. The district court also points out other possibilities of aid. Apart from that, it takes your application for counselling aid or your explanation into account. The district court will provide you with the Certificate of Eligibility (Berechtigungsschein), in case necessary.

Counselling aid may be provided if one or more of the following legal field(s) is/are involved:

  • civil law (for example rental law, traffic road accidents, family law)
  • administrative law
  • constitutional law
  • criminal law, administrative offences
  • labour law and social law

The application for counselling aid may be made orally, mondays to fridays from 9 am until 12 am, at the competent department of the district court or likewise in writing via an application form.

When applying please bring your ID-card, passport, or respectively a mandate along with you, in case you do not apply for yourself. Besides that, a proof of your income (payroll, AlG I and II notices, notice of the amount of one’s pension etc.) is needed as well as your current expenditures, payments such as rent, deductions for providers who check your economic circumstances. In addition, you should provide a comprehensive set of documents concerning your cause, at least as far as this is possible for you.

The counselling is charged with a fee. However, if your application is agreed to, the fees will be taken care for. Please keep in mind though, that in case your application is being denied and consulting has already taken place, costs and fees may have to be paid for by you personally. Also a fee of 15€ Euros can be charged by the consultant, in case your application was accepted and costs were absorbed.

For the county of Schleswig-Flensburg, two district courts are competent:

  1. Amtsgericht Schleswig

    Lollfuß 78
    24837 Schleswig

  2. Amtsgericht Flensburg

    Südergraben 22
    24937 Flensburg

In case that an out-of-court settlement cannot be reached, additional aid can be applied for.

The conditions to apply for aid are the following:

  • the applicant (Gender does not matter) is not able to raise the necessary funds for their process control, her or his case in a court of law because of their personal and / or economic circumstances,
  • the intended legal defence or prosecution does have a plausible prospect to be successful and
  • the intended legal defence or prosecution is not intentional or wilful.

For any additional information concerning the legal proceedings please see the prior topic counselling aid.


There are many kinds of information that can be found via miscellaneous websites and search engines. Nowadays almost all administrations, authorities and institutions belonging to the public life, have also an online presence.

On the website of the BAMF you will be able to find and discover many tips about every days life under the Menüpunkt >> Willkommen in Deutschland<<

In case that you are searching the internet for information, never insert your personal data. There is a multitude of untrustworthy websites that were set up by imposters and fraudsters. They have one single intention: To make you believe, that they are the legit website of an institution or an authority. Quite often they sent diverse emails containing fictional payment requests, bills, admonitions, etc. Never open emails such as these, in particular if you do not know the sender. These emails may contain malicious computer viruses, that will either try to delete or even steal your personal data.

Additional information about the topic "internet" can be found under the menu "consumer protection" (Verbraucherschutz).

Yellow Pages

The "Yellow Pages" (in german: "Gelbe Seiten") contain important phone numbers and addresses. They are being updated on a yearly basis and distributed via shops, post office branches etc. to ensure that every citizen is able to get a free copy.

The "Yellow Pages" can also be found online under www.gelbeseiten.de

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