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Information centres for migrants

In the first couple of weeks and months many things may appear rather strange and alien. Many things that you take for granted in your country of origin and were simple, may possibly work here according to a different set of rules. Learn as much as possible and be sure to use counselling offers.

Information centres support newly immigrated at their vocational, linguistic and social integration by:

  • Information
  • Counselling
  • Support
  • Mediation

The information centres offer aid around the following topics:

  • residence (asylum procedure, help in case if the asylum application was denied)
  • social security (Asylum Seekers Benefit Act, unemployment benefit I and II, child-and parental benefit, housing benefit)
  • health
  • family reunification
  • search for an appropriate language course offer
  • support while having personal and family problems
  • social contacts/leisure time
  • support concerning the daily issues of everyday life
  • questions concerning employment, work, occupation, apprenticeship

Asylum social support


Migration counselling Schleswig-Holstein (MBSH) (for grown-up migrants starting at age 27)


Migration counselling for adult migrants (MBE) (for grown-up migrants starting at age 27)

Migration counselling for adult migrants (MBE) targets people with the migratory background who have not been staying longer than 3 years in Germany or are in a difficult situation. In the end, the people seeking advice should be able to participate on an equal footing in social life.

Counselling is being conducted in a multitude of day-to-day questions, among others in language courses, living, work, health, childcare/school as well as in simple juridical questions.

You can get more information if you read the flyer:

Migrationsberatung Schleswig-Holstein

Frau Silke Nissen

Anerkennung der Berufsabschlüsse

Flensburger Str. 7
Zi. U1b
24837 Schleswig

Youth Migration Service (for youths and young adults between the age of 12 and 27)

Youth Migration Service offers counselling, accompaniment, help and group offers. The Youth Migration Service offers company to get along in school, vocational training, occupation, spare time and the new homeland.


The updated flyer of the migration services in the county of Schleswig-Flensburg is available here:

Here you will find further counselling offices for migrants in Schleswig-Holstein

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