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Skilled employees immigration act

The Skilled Employees Immigration Act has become effective since 1st March 2020.This act opens up the German labour market for all skilled employees, originating from other countries. Meant are university graduates and people with a completed vocational training.

Until now, skilled workers from non European countries, had only an unlimited access to the German labour market if they were in possession of an academic degree. In the future, a work permit can also be issued for skilled workers with a foreign vocational qualification for all professions. These qualified people can get a visa or a residence permit that enables them to start an employment in Germany. The limitation on bottleneck professions has been cancelled. This way, the German labour market is completely accessible for all people with an approved and certified vocational training and not only for academics.

In order that a skilled worker is able to stay in Germany long-term, a specific job offer is required. Additionally the vocational qualification has to be approved. For skilled workers there is no priority review any more. However, in case the labour market deteriorates, the priority review can be reinstated on short notice.

In addition, the new act enables the entry into Germany for the duration of six months, in order to search for work and vocational training. An approved qualification, necessary knowledge of the German language (at least on B1 Level) and secured living standards are required. During the search, a trial period of work of up to 10 hours per week, may be performed in the aspired profession. This facilitates internships at a potential employer. As before, skilled workers with an academic degree are allowed to enter the country for 6 months, in order to search for employment. In the future, they are also allowed to perform a trial period of work up to a maximum of 10 hours per week in the aspired occupation. There is no need to prove any language skills.

Further information concerning the act can be found on website from the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs.

A simple explanation video made by „Make it in Germany“ concerning the law „Skilled Workers Immigration Act“ can be found online.

When searching for a job or an apprenticeship from abroad, the following institutions may be of help to you:

 Make it in Germany: This is the information portal by the Federal Government for skilled workers from abroad.

International staff service North from the Federal Labour Agency: zav-ips-nord@arbeitsagentur.de 

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