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Pension insurance

The pension insurance serves the financial security, when you have become elderly and after having stopped working receive a pension. In general, everybody is compulsory insured in the statutory pension insurance. Until the year 2012 it was possible to start receiving pension when reaching the age limit of 65. Since 2013 the retirement age is slowly raised in steps to 67. From 2029 onwards, the age limit of 67 years will apply for everybody who was born after 1964.Special rules can be approved.

The contributions for the pension insurance are deducted from the gross salary and payed in half by the employer. How much has to be paid, depends on how high the salary is. However, from a certain salary size upwards, the contributions does not rise any more.

The state pension will be less than the regular income. Because of this you should consider to hedge additionally, while you are still actively working. For instance, with a private pension insurance.

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