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Motor vehicle liability insurance (For one vehicle)

This kind of insurance covers several damages that may be caused by owning a vehicle. For everyone who owns a motor vehicle it is obligatory to conclude a motor vehicle civil liability insurance policy.

As for how high the insurance premium turns out to be, depends on a number of different factors. Most of them are listed below:

  • No claims class (depends on when the driver's license was made, number of filed claims to date, duration the contract has been in existence etc).
  • Type classification of the vehicle (frequency of accidents by a particular type and brand of vehicle)
  • Place of registration

Additional factors for the premium calculation amongst others are the age of the policy holder, the occupation, or the milage driven.

Premiums for the vehicle insurance differ greatly. Knowing this is always worth the effort to compare more than one insurance offer and to get advice, before signing. The internet may provide easy and uncomplicated possibilities to compare different insurance offerings online.

Besides civil liability insurance which is statutory, you may add on a voluntary basis partial coverage or an all risk policy. Partial coverage covers damages that may happen to your own vehicle (to mention only a few: theft, fire, severe weather).

All risk also covers damages and accidents that were caused due to one's own fault and other damages.

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