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Shopping online

Nowadays, many items can be purchased via the internet. Even groceries are delivered all the way to your doorstep. While surfing the internet, you have to be careful and check if you are dealing with a serious vendor or supplier. One of best things to do is to check references of the company and to check out internet forums.

Common practice is, that things bought online are not payed for immediately. Either you have received an invoice that has to be settled after the goods have been delivered or another possibility is to use the direct debit system. This system deducts the invoice amount immediately from your bank account. However, the risk of possible fraud is rather small and considered safe as amounts transferred via direct debiting can be reversed by you, using your bank. The bank will reverse the booking upon your request within 8 weeks of the debit action.

Purchase contracts that were finalised via Email or post can be cancelled, without the need of giving any reasons in writing, within 14 days. Acting this way you won’t be bound to the contract any longer.

In case that you not comprehend exactly, what is written in the text of a contract or you need more time to reconsider the matter in question. Do not sign anything. It is definitely always more complicated to cancel or to terminate a contract than not having signed one in the first place at all.

It case you became the victim of fraud in the internet or were not informed upfront about a purchase, you have the possibility to be counselled by the „consumer advice centre“. The migration counselling as well as the federal legal office may be able to offer help.

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