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Leisure time, culture and clubs

Kreis Sportverband

Many sport clubs offer special women groups, it is often worth asking if they do! Please contact the county sports association online via the link: https://www.ksvsl-fl.de/ Do so online because of the large variety of offerings.


The migrant self organisation ZIK ZAK e.V. (Centre of international Creativity & Centre of all Cultures e.V.) offers freedom for your multicultural ideas. Courses about a wide range of topics that are free of charge, are held on a regular basis. If you are interested, please contact the club via zikzak@posteo.de.


The Rural Women are a forum for all creative and self confident women who live in the countryside. Here, women of all occupational and age groups can become involved, be active, create, listen, talk, party, relax and reload the batteries. You may find information about training, exchange of ideas, excursions, lectures at the 33 local associations as well as at the county and state association. However, most of the offers are subjected to a fee!

You can contact the County-Association of Rural Women Schleswig-Flensburg e.V. via https://www.landfrauen-schleswig-flensburg.de/.

In many communities of the county of Schleswig-Flensburg there are special offers for refugees and migrants. Please inform yourself at your guide, at the local clubs, the mayors or at the main administration offices. More detailed information can be found under: https://www.schleswig-flensburg.de/Kreis-Verwaltung-/St%C3%A4dte-%C3%84mter-und-Gemeinden

Sehr geehrte Bürger*innen,

hier finden Sie alle wichtigen Informationen zur Ukraine-Situation sowie zur Corona-Pandemie. Beide Portale werden fortlaufend mit Informationen gefüllt, um Sie bestmöglich über den jeweils aktuellen Stand zu informieren.

Шановні громадяни,

тут Ви знайдете всю важливу інформацію про ситуацію українців та пандемію коронавіруса. Обидва портали постійно оновлюються і поповнюються, щоб Вас якомога найкраще про актуальний стан проінформувати.

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