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The most important partner for you to talk to, in case of an emergency, is the police. In Germany, the police ensures safety and order. Police officers do not only protect you when you are taking part in every days traffic or at major events, but are also there for you if you experience any kind of emergency. There are female as well as male officers; they are on an equal footing which means that both have the same rights; carry out the other's instructions.

If you have an emergency, you will call it in via the centralised telephone number 110. It is the same phone number wherever you are in Germany. In the emergency call centre, important data is collected, such as family name, first name, street and city, telephone number, age, the reason why you are calling, number of people involved, as well as the number and type of injuries. After having done this, further steps will be initiated and you will be aided via telephone at the scene of the emergency until help arrives.

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