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Provisions under the asylum seekers benefits act (Asylb(LG)

Tolerated applicants for asylum and foreigners who have the right to stay in Germany as they have submitted the application for asylum, are entitled to receive benefits according to the asylum seekers benefits act.

The benefits included are:

  • basic benefits for food, housing, heating, clothes, healthcare, household, consumer goods and consumables (necessary needs)
  • benefits intended for personal needs of daily life (necessary personal needs)
  • benefits when being ill, pregnant and given birth

In case special circumstances are applicable, additional benefits may be granted. Detailed information can be obtained at your competent social centre.


Soziale Sicherung Flensburg-Umland

Kreis Schleswig-Flensburg

Eckernförder Landstr. 65
24941 Flensburg

Soziale Sicherung Kappeln - Außenstelle

Kreis Schleswig-Flensburg

Kirchstraße 9
24376 Kappeln

Education and participation (educational package)

Recipients of benefits accordingly to the Asylum seekers benefit act, can in addition submit an application for their children, concerning benefits for education and participation.

You can find general information about the educational package under the menu item all information from A-Z under education and participation, as well as the application on the website from the county https://www.schleswig-flensburg.de/?fdirect=1 

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