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Benefits according to the SGB II (unemployment benefits II, colloquially Hartz IV)

Benefits according to the SGB II can be applied for if:

  • the applicant is at least 15 years old and has not reached a certain age limit
  • Is fit for work (can at least work for 3 hours per day)
  • Is in need of help (cannot support the own livelihood)
  • The normal place of residence is within Germany

The basic idea from the SGBII is called: supporting and fostering. Unemployed are encouraged to search for a work or vocational training. Mainly it is the aim to find employment which generates and safeguards enough income (Money) for a single person respectively the whole family. How this aim is reached, is determined (in a joined contract) in an integration agreement.
By means of diverse offers, clients are specifically fostered (financial support)

The following benefits can be applied for:

  • Benefits that safeguard the livelihood (basic needs, additional needs, costs of housing and heating, premiums for health and nursing care insurance)
  • Benefits that enable work integration
  • Benefits for education and participation

The application for SGB II has to be filled at the respective social centre. For addresses, please check the menu item, AsylbLG.

Education and participation (educational package)

Recipients of benefits accordingly to the Asylum seekers benefit act, can in addition submit an application for their children, concerning benefits for education and participation.

You can find general information about the educational package under the menu item all information from A-Z under education and participation, as well as the application on the website from the county https://www.schleswig-flensburg.de/?fdirect=1 

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