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Integration courses (BAMF-courses)

The integration course is a government supported basic offer for linguistic and political education addressed to migrants. It stands at the beginning of the whole integration process. Aim of the course is, that the migrant is able to act without help or mediation of a third party to successfully cope with the daily issues of every days life.

Overview of the offered integration courses in the county of Schleswig-Flensburg:

General integration course:

600 + 100 (orientations course) total of 700 lessons

Courses for special target groups: Youth -, Women*-, Parents-, literacy learners*-, second scripture learners*- and support courses.

900 + 100 (orientation course) total of 1000 lessons

Additional courses, which have not been offered yet in this area.

Intensive Course: 400 + 30 lessons (orientation course) total of 430 lessons

What does the course intend to achieve: Integration and social participance of migrants as well as the achievement of the B1 level

The main focus of the integration courses are the following target groups:

  • Migrants and late repatriates
  • Applicants for asylum with a good prospect of remaining in Germany
  • Tolerated foreigners according to section 60 a (2) (3) Residence Act
  • Holders of a residence permit according to section 25 (5) Residence Act
  • Citizens of the EU
  • Germans needing integration

Migrants can do the course on a voluntary basis, if they are not obligated to do so by the immigration authority, job center or social security authority.

Prior to beginning the course an assessment test (Einstufungstest) will be held. The course ends with the certificate „Integration course“ („Zertifikat Intergrationskurs“), which consists out of two parts:

„German-test for Migrants“ (Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer, so called DTZ) and orientation course „Living in Germany“ (Orientierungskurs „Leben in Deutschland“, so called LiD). The linguistic level will be taught up till the level B1.

If the final exam is not successfully passed the first time, a repeat application for further participation at the language course can be made. 300 units can be additionally sponsored and the final exam can be once again done without a charge.

What does an integration course cost?

One lesson or unit costs €1,95 (contribution costs). A general integration course with a total of 700 units therefore comes with a price tag of €1,365.

Late repatriates have the option to participate at an integration course, without having to pay for it.

Applicants for asylum with a good prospect of staying, tolerated foreigners according to § 60a 2,3 Residence Act, people with a residence permit, as well as asylum seekers.

Recipients of unemployment benefits are automatically exempt from contribution costs. Also exempt are participants who have special difficulties to pay the cost contribution (for example recipients of welfare). In these cases, however, an income assessment is necessary.

It is important to apply in time for exemption of cost before the course starts. The cost exemption cannot be done retrospectively, but only from the moment on the application has been filed and the next chapter of the course starts.

If you passed the final exam of the integration course successfully (Level B1 GER), you may get half of the contribution cost back, that were payed by you. The repayment is only possible within 2 years from the issuance date of your entitlement of attendance.

Travel costs can also be refunded upon request. The participant can freely choose the educational institution who provides the course and the application for refunding will be filed via this educational institution.

Further detailed information concerning the courses can be found on the site of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) ( Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge).

Essential forms and applications for all target groups can be obtained here

Explanatory leaflets in multiple languages can be found here

Please search for a suitable integration course in your vicinity at WebGis.

Here you will find the contact data of educational institutions who offer integration courses within the county and city limits of Flensburg.

Adult educational centre Schleswig (VHS Schleswig)

Frau Widdel 

Phone: 04621 966-20
Königsstraße 30
24837 Schleswig 


Adult educational centre Flensburg (VHS Flensburg)

Astrid Löwensen / Marianne Pletzing 
Phone: 0461 8541-02
Süderhofenden 40-42
24937 Flensburg 


Berlitz Centre Flensburg

Heiko Golde
Phone: 0461 3132-700
Fax: 0461 168 93 83
Holm 66 
24937 Flensburg 


DAA - German Employee Academy GmbH (Deutsche Angestellten Akademie - DAA)

Silke Kossel
Phone: 0461 570-760
Lilienthalstraße 45 
24941 Flensburg 


Economic Academy (WAK) (Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein GmbH)

Klara Gehrke 
Phone: 0461 50339 -15
Fax: 0461 50339 - 32
Standort Flensburg 
Heinrichstraße 16 
24937 Flensburg 


Economical Centre of Handcraft Plus WHP (Wirtschaftszentrum Handwerk Plus WHP)

Klara and Andrej Warkentin 
Phone: 04621 9655-18
Fax: 04621 / 9655-18
Ilensee 4 
24837 Schleswig 


SBB Competence GmbH (SBB Kompetenz GmbH)

Phone: 04101 8691-827
Fax: 04101 8691-828

Lollfuß 43 
24837 Schleswig 

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