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Language training for refugess in order to facilitate the labour market integration

Since August 2019 the network All Aboard! offers in addition its counselling for refugees who are on their way to qualification and work, labour-market oriented language trainings in small groups. They are available online as well for refugees. This offer is continued in 2020 as well.

The language trainings do not replace the language courses by the BAMF or STAFF, they complement them. The language training facilitates the preparation to an employment or an apprenticeship after a language course and also helps during the waiting period until further language courses. The learned is intended to be strengthened, written skills to be solidified, and verbal skills trained.

There are different formats of language trainings: classroom training, language cafés for women, apprentice round tables as well as online training, just what may be necessary or what is possible. The participants get besides the training also methods and tools, to continue learning on their own. The focus is put on the individual need of the participants. For this a specific offer is being prepared locally.

In case you belong to the group that is meant here, and are in need of support to learn the language, please contact:

Herr Marcus Murchau

Schleswig und Umgebung

Kreisverwaltung Schleswig-Flensburg

Flensburger Str. 7
24837 Schleswig

Frau Bente Bodi-Rattel

Flensburg und Umgebung
bequa Flensburg

Schiffbrücke 50
24939 Flensburg

Extensive information can be found in a brochure and the attached concept:

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