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Vocational training and apprenticeship tolerance

Vocational training

During vocational training a trade will be learned. After successfully completing the vocational training, you get the entry ticket into the world of labour.

It is differed between a dual and a scholastic apprenticeship. 

  • Vocational school is where the theoretical part of a profession will be learned 
  • In the company, the practical site of the profession is taught

The learned skills from school can be directly applied in the company.

Certain professions can only be learned at a school. This kind of education is called school-based training (example: public health nurse, nurse, geriatric nurse, physiotherapist, preschool teacher). Different internships within companies or institutions belong to the in school-based education.

Dual apprenticeship simply explained: Erklärfilm der Industrie- und Handelskammer

Dual apprenticeship simply explained: Erklärfilm der Industrie- und Handelskammer (auf Arabisch)

The dual apprenticeship: Erklärfilm der Industrie- und Handelskammer (auf Farsi)

All important information concerning the topic apprenticeship can be found in the brochure:


Apprenticeship tolerance (§60a Aufenthaltsgesetz)

If you are within an apprenticeship you can get an apprenticeship toleration. The toleration is also possible if the application for asylum was denied. 

In order to get the apprenticeship tolerance, the vocational training has to last at least 2 years. It can take place in school (for example, geriatric nurse) or within a company. 

There are many special conditions for the approval of an apprenticeship tolerance. Support is available from the migration counselling centres and welcome guides. 

Apprenticeship tolerance simply explained: Erklärfilm Ausbildungsduldung

Further Information can be found in the booklet from the „Network Companies Integrate Refugees“:


If you want to complete a vocational training, please contact your local competent bodies that are listed under vocational guidance, apprenticeship and employment service.
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