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For more than 60 years equal rights of women and men have been embedded within German law. In many places this embedding comes out very significantly.

  • Important life decisions are either made together or by each person for themself.
  • Neither woman nor men may be beaten, forced to sexual intercourse or into prostitution or have marriage forced on them.
  • Women are in professional life as well as in political functions equally successful and accepted as men. They are in the armed forces and more are graduating after they have studied than men.
  • Men take over more and more duties within the family. They take leave for child care and for the upbringing of their children or nurse their relatives.

Additional helpful information concerning the topic rights/women rights can be found on the website from the Federal Agency for Civic Education.

A free booklet concerning the basic rights is available in German, English or Arabic language can be downloaded on the website from the Federal Agency for Civic Education as well.

You can get to the booklets here.

„The dignity of men is unimpeachable“.

„All persons shall be equal before the law“.

Sehr geehrte Bürger*innen,

hier finden Sie alle wichtigen Informationen zur Ukraine-Situation sowie zur Corona-Pandemie. Beide Portale werden fortlaufend mit Informationen gefüllt, um Sie bestmöglich über den jeweils aktuellen Stand zu informieren.

Шановні громадяни,

тут Ви знайдете всю важливу інформацію про ситуацію українців та пандемію коронавіруса. Обидва портали постійно оновлюються і поповнюються, щоб Вас якомога найкраще про актуальний стан проінформувати.

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