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Kreis Schleswig-Flensburg


First and fast help for women when violence occurs can be found at this hotline!

A nationwide counselling offer for women, who have experienced or still are experiencing violence is the help telephone „violence against women“. Using the number 08000 116 016 and via online counselling, women who are concerned no matter what nationality, with or without handicap, are and will be supported 365 days per year 24 hours / 7 days a week. The offer is multi lingual. Also relatives, female and male friends, as well as skilled workers are being counselled free of charge.

It is a cruel fact, that also in Germany, violence against women committed by men existed and still exists. It happens everywhere, anytime and in whatever form you can think of. It is staggering that the most wide spread form of violence is violence within relationships. No matter if married or not, often the men humiliate, beat, kick, insult, molest or rape the woman, they supposedly are in love with. The most recent study documents, that at least one in four women experiences domestic violence, and one in seven women experiences sexual violence. The affected women have every age, every level of education and every appearance.

To find an exit that leads away from anxieties and dependencies may not be as easy and it is verifiably proven to be dangerous but it is possible to do! Every woman in Germany hast the right to a life without violence. Therefore, to make sure that they can, there are protective laws and advice offices that help affected to find a way out of the perpetuating violence and protect the women.

Protection against violence act

Every woman is the expert for her own security, therefore the personal and individual protective measures are highly relevant. Besides these, there are additional protective measures according to civil law:

In particular you can apply at court for:

  • protective orders,
  • the allocation of the living space for single use,
  • the sole custody and right to determine place of residence of the children as well as
  • the suspension or limitation of the contact right.

Additionally there are a number of possibilities to file a report (e.g. because of battery, stalking or similar):

  • At any police station
  • At any public prosecutor's office
  • At any lawyer that will submit the report and pass it on for the affected woman.


In Schleswig-Holstein the police has the possibility to order the expulsion of the violent partner. This expulsion can last up to 14 days from the residence and the police can retain the key of the partner even if the residence is registered to the name of the one involved. Another thing that the police can invoke is to forbid that the violent partner visits certain places were the woman is forced to go (for example daycare centres). At the same time, the police informs the regional competent women’s advice centre about the case of domestic violence. The women’s advice centre will then be contacting the affected woman proactively in order to offer her a supporting counselling possibility.

Women's shelters

Here you will find help and sanctuary.




KIK (Emergengcy note)

Women's advice centres


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