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There are many kinds of information that can be found via miscellaneous websites and search engines. Nowadays almost all administrations, authorities and institutions belonging to the public life, have also an online presence.

On the website of the BAMF you will be able to find and discover many tips about every days life under the Menüpunkt >> Willkommen in Deutschland<<

In case that you are searching the internet for information, never insert your personal data. There is a multitude of untrustworthy websites that were set up by imposters and fraudsters. They have one single intention: To make you believe, that they are the legit website of an institution or an authority. Quite often they sent diverse emails containing fictional payment requests, bills, admonitions, etc. Never open emails such as these, in particular if you do not know the sender. These emails may contain malicious computer viruses, that will either try to delete or even steal your personal data.

Additional information about the topic "internet" can be found under the menu "consumer protection" (Verbraucherschutz).

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