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Kreis Schleswig-Flensburg

Correct Behaviour when using the Public Transport System (Buses, Trains etc.)

There are a couple of rules that have to be taken care of, when using the public transport system. Below you can read a few tips as on how to behave correctly:

  • Always be in possession of a valid travel ticket! Fare Evasion (without a ticket) does cost you a lot of money in Germany.
  • Let other people disembark a bus or a train first, before boarding yourself.
  • In case you notice a senior citizen, a pregnant woman, someone with a walking disability or see anyone else who is having a handicap, it is a show of good manners, if you offer them your seat.
  • Should you be traveling with children, see to it, that your kids have something to do, so that they are occupied and do not bother other people traveling with you.
  • Do not play any loud music.
  • If you use your phone, do so in a volume that does not cause any inconvenience for others.
  • When leaving your seat at the end of your journey, leave it clean.
  • In general: Show respectful and considerate behaviour toward other people traveling with you. Pushing, nudging or even shoving is seen as a lack of manners, even as being rude and considered to be not acceptable.
  • Be aware of the white markings on the train platform, they mark the minimum safety distance!