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Vocational training grant (BAB)

Apprentices can apply for a vocational training grant if they do not live with their parents and fulfil certain conditions ( Apprentices-Azubis). The grant can also be given to participants who are within a vocational preparation course (BvB).

The vocational training grant is a sponsorship from the Federal Labour Office. The amount of the BAB depends, during the vocational training on:

  • the type of housing
  • the amount of the salary earned by the apprentice
  • the annual income of the parents, the spouse or the companion

The sponsorship has a flat-rate for the livelihood and covers costs that are related to the vocational training, for example travel costs and costs for work clothes.

BAB can also cover external vocational training (not within a company).

Apprentices, who have their own household and are receiving the BAB, can get a subsidy according to social security statute book, second book, basic covering for job seekers (SGB II).
Condition to get the subsidy is, that the BAB plus any other income does not cover the costs for housing and heating. Unreasonable high costs cannot be taken into account.

The vocational preparation education programme (BvB) covers training course costs, necessary travel costs, costs for training material and work clothing, independently from the income but partially according to flat-rate contributions. Special regulations apply for apprentices with disabilities in order to support them to be able to participate in professional life.

For tolerated people and people who are permitted to stay in Germany for the asylum proceedings.

For the first 15 months that you live in Germany and receive social benefits according to §3 AsybLG, they may be continuously be paid, even if you begin a vocational training and do not receive a vocational training grant.

Tolerated people who have access to the labour market are entitled to receive, after 15 months, the vocational training grant.

Further information can be found on the website of the Federal Labour Agency.

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