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Benefits according to SGB XII

Social welfare includes help for livelihood, the basic covering when having become elderly and when suffering from reduction in earning capacity as well as benefits in special living situations, for example the need for care.

Entitled to social care benefits only exists, if the need can’t be covered by own means.

The aid to support the livelihood can be received by people who are not able to work and already get a temporary full-rate reduced-earning-capacity pension, are long-term sick or are taken care of in an institution.

Entitled to a basic covering are people needing help, aged 65 and more, people suffering from reduction in earning capacity, as well as people aged 18 and more, who are permanently not able to work because of medical reasons and are fully reduced in their earning capacity (People, who permanently are not able to work more than 3 hours per day).

You can find further information on the website of the county (LINK) under the menu item, social issues.

Education and participation (educational package)

Recipients of benefits according to SGB XII can apply for educational and participatory benefits on behalf of their children.

You can find general information concerning the educational package under the menu item overview from A-Z under education and participation. You can find the application form on the county website https://www.schleswig-flensburg.de/


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