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Housing search

Wether you are searching for an apartment or a house, the internet is going to be your first starting point. Online, you will find providers who are specialised to act as a broker for apartments and houses. At the same time, many newspapers still offer advertisements for real estate and properties. They may be in printed form or on their websites. Another very useful source are your local newspapers. In addition, you may check out, which local housing companies exist and pay their service centre or office a visit in person.

When house hunting, you also may be getting aid by your competent housing office.The properties that are brokered here, are done so in a direct way. In case that no vacant apartments should be available, you can be referred to other contact persons, respectively other specific housing opportunities may be named.
Last but not least, there is also the possibility to employ or to use the service of a real estate agent. Though be aware that their service comes along with a fee, but therefore the agent will take care of the complete search for a living space.

Real estate agents in Germany are "only " allowed to charge the maximum of two months rent plus value added tax (VAT) for rendering their services. Local contact persons can be found in the telephone book or online in the internet.

Contacting the property supplier

You have found a suitable housing offer? In this case you have to contact the estate owner or the provider as fast as possible. Be it via email or by telephone. In general it can be said, that housing offers are normally gone quite fast.

Federal aid-public housing certificate (Wohnberechtigungsschein)

In Germany, there is another type of living space: Housing that is federally funded or subsidised, so called social housing. Social housing is brokered by the housing departments to people in need. In order to be eligible for social housing you need, what is called a „Public Housing Certificate". In German this is called a „Wohnungsberechtigungsschein", often known as W.B.S.
In case your monthly income is below a certain threshold, you may get the "Wohnungsberechtigungsschein" at your competent housing office. For instance, the following groups are entitled to the certificate: Single parents, families having many children, elderly people or people with disabilities . However, in the end, the property owner decides, if the rental contract will be made and not the housing office.

Information concerning the public housing certificate in the county of Schleswig-Flensburg can be found, if you click on this. More information concerning the housing allowance is available under Social Benefits.

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