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Residence and national foreign law

If you have the intension to relocate your centre of life to Germany or have already moved to Germany, the regulations concerning the law of residence is particularly important.

The foreigners department of the county administration office is responsible for all issues related to residence and also for the work permit.

If you have any questions concerning your residence permit, work permit or the foreigner law, please contact the responsible foreigners office that is handling your case.

Kreis Schleswig-Flensburg Ausländerrecht

Kreis Schleswig-Flensburg

Flensburger Straße 7
24837 Schleswig

The foreigners authority works strictly by appointment only. For this reason, in order to make an appointment, be sure to contact a person in charge beforehand. 

It is absolutely essential that you check by telephone, prior to coming to the authority, which documents are needed. This way you avoid unnecessary trips.

Support is available at the migration counselling Schleswig-Holstein and the Youth Migration Service.


The asylum procedure was pictured within a graphic by the BAMF. If you follow this link, you will be forwarded to the graphic in multiple languages: Ablauf des Asylverfahrens (div.Sprachen)

Additional information concerning the hearing can be found here.

The refugees council Schleswig-Holstein e.V has put together a handout for Afghans in German and Dari. Under this link is the following explained: The asylum procedure as well as the consolidation of the right to stay outside of the asylum procedure (current status: March 2017)

New multilingual information concerning the asylum procedure can be found on the website of the BAMF. Have a look at the videos in your native language.

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