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Maternity benefit

the entitlement for a maternity benefit concerns women who:

  • are voluntary or are statutory health ensured and have an entitlement to get sick pay
  • were employed (home-based work or mini-job) before the child was born
  • were admissibly given notice to by their employer while being pregnant

During the period of protection, maternity benefit is paid (the women are not allowed to work during this time) for the duration of:

• 6 weeks prior to giving birth and 8 weeks after
• 12 weeks after giving birth in case of a premature- or multiple birth

As how much the maternity benefit is, will be calculated upon the income from the last three months and is a maximum of €13 per day.

In case, the income prior to maternity leave was more than €390, an employer contribution will be paid in addition to the maternity benefit.

You will find additional information to the topics: family, pregnancy, women, on the website from the Federal Ministry of Family, Seniors, Women and Youths.

Guideline to the maternity protection

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