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Honorary initiatives (language courses)

Besides the range of full-time language course offerings within the county of Schleswig-Flensburg, there is a miscellaneous amount of honorary language courses, who independently, together with a high number of many highly motivated citizens, respectively with the support of their local communities, are being organised. The structures of these courses are adjusted to fulfil the needs of refugees, and are offered accordingly to these. Down below you can find a short characteristic summary of the honorary courses.

  • Lessons take place in small groups
  • Teachers: mainly retired German teachers, students having their focus primarily on „DaZ“ or people with a pedagogic background.
  • A heterogeneous level of speech and learning speed.
  • Individual support of learning
  • Participation ranging from one day to five days a week, mostly during the afternoons
  • Travel expenses are not reimbursed within the „AsylbLG“, as such as participations is only locally possible or the travel costs are payed for by sponsors or by donations.
  • Parallel to a full time course.

If you are searching for a contact person for a specific course, please contact your local community or your local office. Contact data from the honorary initiatives within the county of Schleswig-Flensburg

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